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The history of Wide

History of Wide children’s home

Wide is a children’s home located in Tiruvalannamalai. The children’s home  has started 6 years ago and is founded by Kumari Xavier. Kumari is an indian woman that grew up as a half-orphan herself. The way she was treated in this place was not the best way possible.  Since then she always had the wish to once start an orphanage herself and take good care of as many children as possible. She wanted to give the children a sence of familial belonging, make them feel loved and give them the chance to follow proper education.


 Kumari was first living in Mumbai with her family and having a good and financially stable live there but she kept on thinking about the dream from her childhood. Finally she decided to come with her family to Tiruvalannamalai to start the orphanage. At first her husband was a bit in a doubt about the whole thing but now he is very dedicated to the orphanage and the children himself.     



Since they started the orphanage Wide children’ s home takes care of  30 orphaned and half-orphaned children that are not able to live at home anymore for different reasons. Some of the children were even living on the streets before they came to live in the Wide children’s home. Wide takes in boys and girls of all classes and standards. The only question they ask themselves is, does this child really need our help. When the answer is yes the children are very welcome. Since now they are not really able to take in more children, because there is simply not enough money and place to provide proper help to all of the children. Sometimes it’s really hard because in India there are tragically so many children who need a place to stay so bad…   


What does Wide do for the children?

Wide makes sure that the children get a proper place to sleep, get proper food and clothes and can go to school every day. We learn them how to take care of themselves, love themselves and give them a sense of familial belonging. In this way we hope that the children will become loving adults that are able to take care of themselves and others when they grow up. When we can we take the children out to places where they have more space to play because our home is actually to small to give them this ability in the way that we would want. Since now Wide has also started to work with volunteers that can help them in many different ways. For example they can teach english, teach the children new games and abilities, help to find sposnsors and they help also by simply giving them some extra attention and love.

What does Wide make special?

For me as a volunteer it was very obvious that the Wide children are very happy and open children comparing them with other children in India. Even though they live in a house that is really small and where there is unfortunatly no proper place where they can play, they are happy children that make the best of it! I think it’s very special that Kumari is running this place without having a stable income and manages in every way possible, amazing if you ask me!     



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